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Stacy, Class of 2013 | Yorba Regional

Q: What inspires you?

S: My inspiration is my brothers because I want them to have what I couldn't. I want to achieve for them.

Q: Name one of your passions in life.

S: Photography

Q: You were involved in multiple sports, what was your favorite part about doing those kinds of activities?

S: Tennis was my favorite because I got to compete against tough schools.

Q: What was your favorite part about Senior year?

S: Going to Grad Night

Q: If you could go on a trip with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and where would you go?

S: My best friend Gabbie. We would go to San Francisco.

Q: Weather, hot or cold?

S: Cold

Q: When I was a little kid I always...

S: Climb our table & dance with the bottle dangling out of my mouth

Q: Favorite place to eat (not at home)?

S: Jalapeños

Q: The last song I listened to was...

S: Footloose by Blake Shelton

Q: If I had one wish it would be...

S: To see my grandpa again.

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