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Daniela & Marcus | Napa Engagement

I have known Daniela since she was 12 years old (I just had to do the math to believe it's been that long!) and when she and Marcus got engaged it was a no brainer I had to do their engagement and wedding photography. These two are such a great couple they invited us up for a casual weekend in Suisun Valley and Napa to give me an opportunity to capture them while spending time at some of their favorite locations.

What's so great about shooting in Napa was the opportunity to pull off at a couple of places with beautiful scenery on the way to our two main locations Silverado Vineyards and The Ménage à trois tasting room. Between wine tastings and a delicious lunch at Gott's Roadside we were able to capture so many perfect images. Thank you Daniela and Marcus, I can't wait to see how amazing your wedding will be!

Please enjoy this Napa Engagement session and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest!

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